Compared to other healing methods, the discovery of Reiki happened relatively recently. Most practitioners point to Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui who introduced this type of therapy in 1922. Others claim that there were four other styles established even earlier, with details outlined in the book An Evidence Based History of Reiki by William Lee Rand.

Mikao Usui’s Journey to Discovery

Dr. Mikao Usui was born in Japan in 1865. He was teaching in a college when a student approached him and asked how Jesus had performed the healing miracles described in religious teachings. This sparked a desire to learn more in Dr. Usui. He began a journey to the Koriyama mountains where he meditated and fasted for 21 days. He wanted to reach a higher state of consciousness to obtain healing energy.

The answers and power he sought did not come to him by the 21st day. He was frustrated and planned to give up. Before he left, a spiritual energy reached the top of his head and endowed him with enlightenment. He returned to the monastery but chose to visit a beggar city to help the poor by treating their illnesses. Today, people all over the world use Reiki to heal themselves and others.

Photo credit: © nikkized / 123RF Stock Photo