When most people think of energy healing, they envision someone laying on the floor or a table as a second person stands close by with outstretched hands. While in-person Reiki healing is an option, does this method work over a long distance? Do you have to be in the physical presence of a Reiki practitioner to receive the therapy’s healing effects?

Understanding Long Distance Reiki

Energy does not have the same limitations our physical bodies do. That’s why long distance Reiki can work. The process functions with the guidance of the Hermetic Law of Similarity. The law explains that all beings are connected. Our energy is part of a larger collective. This allows us to affect others even when we are not near each other in the physical realm.
The way it works with energy healing is that the practitioner will create a link between an object and their patient’s energy field. For example, a photograph may be used, possibly alongside healing crystals.

Is the Physical Link Necessary for Distance Reiki?

While some use a physical object to form a connection with the healing recipient, others believe it is not necessary. Some Reiki practitioners claim that the same effects can be achieved by directing energy and thoughts to the patient. In either situation, distance Reiki makes it much easier for more people to access this unique energy healing therapy.

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